FAQ / Supported Devices / White Listing

How can I add Beam to our districts "White List?"

You can have your school add the following API to their White List: along with port 1337.

I'm having trouble connecting to Live Mode. What can I do?

  • Make sure WiFi and Bluetooth are both on and discoverable

  • Toggle off and on Bluetooth and WiFi

  • Restart Device

  • Reset Network/Bluetooth Settings - Android / iOS

On iOS - make sure that your WiFi is on, even if you are not connected to a network. This allows the peer-to-peer sharing portal to be active and available.

What devices and operating systems are supported?
Beam is supported on devices running iOS 12 or later and Android 7.1 or later. Recommended devices and operating systems are below.

iPad/iPad Mini/Pro/Air 2017 or later
iPhone 7 or later

Android phones running Android 7.1 or later
Android tablets running Android 7.1 or later