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Connecting Your Beam Account to the Cloud

Beam allows for directors and those with edit mode to import files from Google Drive and Dropbox as well as access local storage on their device. Users with Edit Mode enabled are also able to access the linked accounts to import and edit files.

For your convenience and safety, your ensemble’s account can be connected to multiple cloud accounts and does not require that any login information be shared between members of the ensemble.

To have full access to these cloud services, you must enable all of the settings and permissions requested by Google Drive or Dropbox.

Once connected, anyone with Edit Mode access will be able to upload entire folders of PDF music files.

To add a cloud service to your account:

  • From the home screen, tap the house button at the top left and then 'Settings'

  • Tap 'Cloud Connections'

  • Tap Connect Account' on either Dropbox or Google Drive to connect these accounts to your Beam account

  • Accept all settings and permissions that the service requests

Once the Cloud Service of choice is linked, you'll be able to directly load PDF files and/or full folders to Beam.