How to use Live Mode

Using state of the art mesh networking technology, Beam’s Live Mode is an innovative way to connect to other users in your ensemble, allowing for you to stay in-sync, with or without internet. This mesh network allows for communication in a Live Mode session via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and/or cell phone data connection.

Live Mode allows the creator of the session to control which specific song is displayed on every connected device in that session. When in Live Mode and in a Collection or Setlist, the next and previous songs are available to you with a single tap on the bottom of the screen, allowing you to quickly move between songs in a performance or rehearsal setting.

To use Live Mode successfully, both Bluetooth and Local Network access must be enabled. While Beam’s Live Mode will work to utilize the fastest connection to the other devices available, it is strongly recommended that you test out Live Mode sessions in the environment that you wish you rehearse and perform in.

With Beam, there is no limit to the number of Live Mode sessions that can be running simultaneously, therefore allowing for a single ensemble to be in rehearsal or performance in different places, all using the same library of music.

Create and Joining Live Mode Sessions

To create a Live Mode session, any user with Edit Access can

  • Tap on a Song, Collection, or Setlist

  • Tap the and tap 'Live Mode'

  • Tap Create or Join a Live Mode session

To join a Live Mode that has been created by another user, do one of the following:

  • For users without Edit Access, tap on the 'Beam Button' circle icon at the bottom right of any screen.

  • For users with Edit Access, click on the next to a Song, Collection or Setlist, tap 'Live Mode', then select the session that you’d like to join. If you already have a part open, tap the blue Beam Button at the bottom right and then tap 'Live Mode.'

You will know that you’ve successfully joined a session when the Beam Button circle has turned red.

At any point, to exit a live mode session, just tap the red Beam Button and choose to either exit the Live Mode or to end the Live Mode.