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Google Drive Permission Errors

If, while attempting to grant permissions to Google Drive for Beam, a check box is missed, you may encounter an error message popup when trying to upload. This can be fixed by removing permissions for Beam from Google and re-establishing the permissions again with all checkboxes accepted. To do so:

  • Sign into your Google Account from your desktop computer.

  • Go to the Account Screen by tapping the 9 dots at the top right and clicking 'Account.'

  • Click on 'Data and Privacy.'

  • Scroll down to the section titled 'Data from apps and services you use' and click the arrow next to 'Third-party apps with account access.'

  • Next, find any instance of Beam and Remove Access.

Once removed, go back to the Beam Music App and:

  • From the home screen, tap the Home button and then Settings.

  • Tap on Cloud Connections and then Google Drive.

  • Tap Log Out.

  • Then Tap Google Drive again and Log In.

  • Be sure to tap on all of the permission check boxes as you sign in.