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Annotating Songs and Parts

Annotations can be made at both the local and global level and will remain available even when offline. Any user can add their own personal annotations to an assigned file and those will be available only to that user.

To add annotations, tap anywhere on the screen while a part is open and the edit bar will appear. You'll be able to add text, draw, or erase on the part that is open.

Personal Annotations - This is the default annotation setting, and the only one available to users without Edit Mode access. Personal notes are indicated by the 👤 icon at the top left of the screen while the edit bar is viewed.

Global Annotations - To add Global Annotations, you will need to toggle from the 'person' icon to the < icon at the top left of the edit bar. While in Global mode, any annotations made will display for all users that have selected to view that the part you are editing.